20 October 2022
Upon Ken’s return from Mexico in the Spring he took a little hiatus to enjoy the Spring and Summer in his favorite City, NYC.  Ken has been keeping busy enjoying the sites and sounds of the neighborhood, meeting up with old and new friends, and sharing the culture of the city on his Facebook Page.  If you check his blogging page you will note some beautiful pictures that most residents of the area often overlook as they are too busy with the hustle and bustle – but not Ken – he soaks up every drop of life in the air and he shares it with you and me.  Continue to follow along as you never know what tricks he may have up his sleeve.  The one secret I can share is he loves being Grandpa to his two grandsons and his grand-daugher.

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
The friendship that a grandchild,
Shares with this great man.

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
Why a grown man would be sitting,
Playing teacups, cup in hand.

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
How a man of 50+,
Finds energy to run hand in hand.

If you have a grandfather,
Then you’re a lucky one.
Grandfathers are amazing,
And they are so much fun.

27 April 2022
He’s back starting 4/28/22 Yakkin with Ken all of Ken’s podcasts are entertaining and colorful go to Kayaks.guru

Hi, I’m Ken Ludmer and I will be yakkin’ on a wide range of topics here on newclevelandradio.net  The name of my podcast is Yakkin’ with Ken and I welcome you to tune in as well as participate.

My YAKKIN’ includes my traveling days, I will be telling and asking for stories from the road, that’s where you come in.

  • I will have topics of interest from a therapist’s point of view., which I am! (The therapy sessions could be live call-in where they ask and I answer. )
  • I will get involved in the coming election, a bit controversial.
  • I will talk about film, as I have written film reviews since my days starting with the French new wave.
  • I may include “cookin’ with Ken” with some of my favorite recipes.
  • I will also have guest interviews covering sports,  arts, books, and much more.
  • I have plans to interview a homeopathic vet who treats animals with a cold laser and a chiropractic tool.
  • My desire is to be the host of an interactive podcast where we put out topics of interest and go from there.

I am just getting warmed up!