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December 31, 2020
What’s next?
Ali, the fan, and Giselle in New Orleans
I was hitching to California and found myself in New Orleans. Lovely city with a big nightlife and a lot of French roots. I went to the antique section and was quite taken by the beauty of the furnishings.
As I was walking to the front door of the next store, a beautiful young woman was leaving. Our eyes met
And I sort of froze. She smiled and I just got out the words, “anything good inside?” She said there were a few items but they were expensive. Dumb me just said “ok” and I walked inside.
Once inside I started kicking myself. Why didn’t I ask her if she knew of other places? Why didn’t I say anything just to get a conversation going? After five minutes of this, I decided to go see if I could find her.  She was nowhere to be seen. I rushed in and out of shops looking for her all to no avail. I kept seeing her face in my mind’s eye. I finally gave up and took the trolley back to my hotel.

At night I hit most of the music clubs and bars and took in New Orlean’s jazz scene. At about ten pm I went for a cup of coffee at the French Market. I was busily looking at my guide book and never noticed the waitress had dropped off a menu. When she returned and I looked up, and lo and behold it was her. I gulped. She smiled and recognized me. She asked if I saw anything I liked today, referring to the antiques. I came right out with it, I said ” I sure did but I let her get away, and have been kicking myself ever since.” Well well, she said, that is a bit forward for this  Southern girl”.  Then she mimicked fanning herself. I laughed. I apologized. Told her she was having some type of tongue-tying effect on me. I took a deep breath. “Want anything,” she asked. I must have turned red as she realized what she just had asked me and we both had a pause. I recovered and told her I would like a cup of her best French Market café at lait. She smiled. After my third café at lait, she said “you probably should not drink anymore of them because you won’t sleep for days. She realized I was just stalling. She asked me a few questions about where I was from and how long I would be in New Orleans.
Then she opened the door and asked if I was with anyone? I beamed and told her I was flying solo. Well, if you want to, why don’t you come back at midnight and I will show you the nontourist, New Orleans. She told me her name was Giselle. I stood and bowed to her,” lovely to meet you, Miss Giselle.” “Much better” she replied. See you later.

I had trouble feeling my feet on the ground. She was exquisite. Tall, thin with a beautiful oval face and high cheekbones. Had the body of an athlete or dancer. I returned at midnight to find her gathering her things. She grabbed my arm and off we went. Our first stop was a small club where I met some of her friends. She asked them if I didn’t look like Redford. Nice start I said to myself. We went from off the beaten track clubs to a Cajun late-night restaurant. Then we piled into a car and went to the beach at Lake Ponchartrain to skip rocks and ended with breakfast at an early morning bakery.
Then every first encounter comes to that moment of decision when the night is over. She jumped the gun and whispered that she “hasn’t been with a man for nearly a year after a rough breakup. But I would like you to stay with me at my place if that’s ok with you.”  I mock fanned myself and she loved it. I spent the early morning with her and we woke up at noon.
I asked her if she had ever been to a world championship fight before? Without waiting for an answer I told her Muhammad Ali was fighting Leon Spinks at the Superdome tonight and we could try and get some tickets. Sounds like fun, and “I’ve never been in the Superdome before.” We spent the day with other friends and did some antique clothes shopping. I bought her a hat and a lovely scarf. She was delightful, beautiful smart, and funny. She had been a ballerina but a knee injury ended her career early. She was now finishing her fourth year of night school in art design. We dropped by the Dome and I got us some scalpers for the fight. We ate at a quaint French restaurant and watched Ali regain his title.
She wanted to just go back to her place for a bath and some candles, music, and oils. We had a very romantic intimate night. The next day we did a picnic by the Lake and rode the Desire trolley. At night some friends came by and we cooked crawfish and drank good wine. The following morning I took the cab to the Airport. We spoke to one another on the phone until life’s ways eventually separated us.

Now every time I see a fan whether it’s in a movie or a store I think of her. Even if it’s some Chinese or Japanese woman I only see the fan, and that’s a good thing.

December 30, 2020
And there is more…
Carnival in Rio
I had a friend who was in one of the summer houses that I and my buddies ran in the Hamptons on Long Island’s East Shore. He was a broker and traveled often to Rio de Janeiro. Al raved about the place and said I had to go to Carnaval there as it’s the wildest week anywhere in the world. I had heard about it and had seen the pictures of the elegant costumes from the Parade.  His  Brazilian friends were coming to New York and I got the chance to meet them. Paolo and Nerida. They were a young wealthy couple who hit it off with me right away. He also was a broker and she was a CPA.  They said I had to visit them during Mardi Gras or Carnaval and I decided to go. They said they would be happy to put me up. Deal. I bought the ticket for the 11-hour flight to Rio.
Paolo and Nerida lived in a well to do neighborhood in Copacabana. They explained that what I saw in the pictures was the street parade, which is really for the poorer people. Rio had two classes mainly, the rich and the poor. The poor people save for months to buy the materials and sew their plumage costumes. There are many contests for the best costume in different categories. They went on to explain that the real Rio Carnaval takes place in the private  Soccer Clubs (Futbol). The clubs are elegant ballrooms and the clubs compete against one another for the most elegant displays and costumes. The competition is taken very seriously as I could feel their intensity. During the week leading up to the Saturday gran Finale, there are events in the local Rio bars and restaurants. If you thought New Orleans had a big party, then you haven’t seen Rio. The women in Rio steal the show. As everyone seemingly in Rio is in great shape and they show off their bodies, proudly. Eight months pregnant women show their skimpy bikinis wearing only the bottoms. The beach is for exercising, with equipment everywhere. They play soccer and volleyball with a vengeance. The combination of European Portuguese features and South American Indian skin tones make for some of the most beautiful women in the world. They carry the chins high and their chests out.
Nerida said I will need a costume for the Ball. She told me that she thought a Roman God would be the way to go. A stripped-down Roman God. “Let’s show your body.” She and Paolo would go as Gladiator and Slave. My costume was a homemade project. Starts with a bikini bottom. She got me sandals and we added laces that wrapped around the leg up to the knee. I wore a gold headpiece that had lots of sparkles. She put bracelets up both arms and a heavy gold pendant on a chain around my neck. The night of the ball out came the gold glitter spray which went on my entire body. A few rings were added and I was ready to go.
The soccer club was a huge elegant structure with an enormous grand Ballroom with a thirty-foot ceiling. There were two stages each containing a full band, because once the samba starts, it has to play continuously all night, therefore two bands are needed. The caipirinha drink is enough to knock you off your feet after two of them. We drank them all night. The costumes were superb. Long feather plumes and eyelashes bigger than I had ever seen. Colors, jewels, and long legs on semi-clad women were everywhere. The beat of the samba was intense and people switch partners during every dance, and after awhile it’s mostly half-naked people falling into one another’s arms. After four hours I was totally exhausted and went out to the garden to make out a bit with this one woman who seemed to wind up with me more often than not.
It was a night of pure joy. We went back in to do more dancing and I believe we ate some shrimp. Later the caipirinhas got to me and I went out to the garden to get some air and tend to the blisters on my feet… I did not know that Paolo and Nerida had left as they could not find me and thought I had left with that woman. When in truth I had passed out, fell off the bench, and was in the garden, shielded by trees and plants. That is where I woke up at 7 am to find the door to the garden locked and the place was deserted. I got myself together and climbed the tree that drooped over the garden wall to the outside sidewalk below. It was only when my feet hit the pavement did I realize my mistake.

Here I was, smudgy gold smeared, just about naked, no I.D., no money, and no address or phone number on me. Plus I did not speak the language. Hmmm. So I walked to the front door and sat down awaiting some miracle. About an hour later the cleaning staff arrived. There was one woman who had as much English as I had Portuguese and after some pantomime etc, they let me in. I wrote Paolo’s name on a piece of paper and held a phone to my ear while pointing at his name. They looked him up in the membership book and called him. Twenty minutes later he arrived. The man could not stop laughing. He told me years later that he has told my story at least a hundred times. Laughs every time.
So I have some advice for you from the lessons learned category. If you are ever going to the ball in Rio and you have no pants or shirt, remember to put your address and phone number in your bikini briefs. And take a few cruzeiros as well.

December 29, 2020
More top times
Richie and the Horse
I was lucky enough to live in NYC’s West Village from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties. I had a rent-controlled 4 room apartment on West 11th Street between Washington and Greenwich Streets. On most nights in the summer I would sit on the stoop of the apt building. I lived in apt 1a so it was street level with a window facing front. My plants and cats each tried to dominate the space. I would play my stereo so I could hear it wafting out the window.
Sometimes in life, there are just events that randomly come together. As per usual I was sitting on my stoop with one of my favorite musicians playing on the stereo. So as Richie Havens was singing ”Here comes the sun,” the man himself was walking down 11th St. As he passed my stoop, he laughed and kidded that he liked my music. It was a fun moment.
Richie had a girlfriend that lived about six buildings past mine and I got to see him frequently. We said hello and made social chatter. One night I was smoking a joint when he passed and I asked him if he wanted a hit. I said we could slip into the apt to smoke. So he went up the few steps and into my apartment. He immediately scoured my record collection, which was full of jazz, and got his attention. We talked music, the Village, and current events. We were not friends but we got to know one another as he would stop in from time to time.
I told Richie that I was one of the bartenders at the White Horse Tavern up on the corner of 11th and Hudson Sts. The White Horse was a legendary Irish storytelling saloon with deep New York City Roots. Brendan Behan the Irish poet had been rumored to have his last drink in the USA there. I asked Richie if he knew that musicians would stop in after their last sets, and we would lock the doors and they could just jam in the back room. “Like who”? he asked. Told him we have had John Sebastian, The Chambers Brothers, Laura Nyro, and recently Country Joe. I said just stop by and hang with us. “Maybe I will” he answered.
A few weeks later on a Friday night, the door opens, and in walks Richie with his guitar. The bar erupts because he is quite famous now after Woodstock. He walks up to me at the bar and gives me a big high five. I gave him a beer. We threw out everyone but the locals, put up the private party sign, and locked the door. Richie went into the back and played for about 45 minutes. You could have scrapped me off the ceiling. My reputation in the Horse from that day soared because I had invited Richie Havens to play for free when he was making big concert bucks everywhere else. He was a really sweet man and every time I saw him after that night, he thanked me. Can you imagine? He’s thanking me because he said it felt real and unpretentious to him because he was sitting among people again and not upon a stage. He whispered to me “my agent would kill me if he knew.”

December 28, 2020
an adventure story series
Top times in one adventurous life. Guess I am getting a bit nostalgic in my old age and I am thinking I should document some of the best times I have had while walking around on this planet. I was lucky enough to travel many roads, a lot by hitchhiking and a lot by flying off to the far ends. In no particular order here are some of my best moments.

The Indian Fire Dance, Taos New Mexico, Saturday night, end of Summer for the once a year grand event. I was hitching out of Santa Fe and caught a ride with some hippies in the traditional VW microbus. I wanted to see the artsy town of Santa Fe and had finished a long peaceful and interesting day there, and got the ride about 7 pm headed for Taos. The hippies were from San Francisco and were very excited about what was going to happen. I knew nothing about it. They informed me that tonite was the big Fire Dance with the Indians at midnight.

I felt lucky. When we got the Taos they took the old trail to the plateau near the top of the mountain. There we saw hundreds of people gathering wood and placing it on a huge pile which eventually was thirty feet long and ten feet high and ten feet wide. This was to be one huge bonfire.

People with instruments began to gather and play. Food trucks sold sandwiches and drinks. I was told that at midnight the Indians dressed in full regalia would show and do the Fire Dance. This was an old Indian custom dedicated to Sun at the end of Summer.

Being an Indian custom, peyote buttons were involved in what was advertised as a mystical

Evening. At 9 pm I was given a button. I had had psilocybin before but never in this raw form. The effect was powerful. By ten pm the bigger bands took over and people were cavorting about. By 11 pm the fire was lit and the dancing in a huge circle around the fire began. As the fire grew in strength, the heat became intense. People took off their clothes out of necessity and it also was the culture of the times. Now there were hundreds of naked people singing dancing and carrying on with one another. The intensity of the button matched the intensity of the moment.

At midnight I saw them. About twenty-five Indians in full native dress with drums and various handheld instruments stating howling and yelping as they approached the fire. I asked other people if they were seeing them also. Everything blended into one massive assault on the senses. Heat, dance music, naked people, and all divergent sounds made for one exhilarating experience. After three more hours of pure delight, I crashed with a pile of people. We awoke at sunrise. Not your average Saturday night. I even found the hippies and my clothes which were put in the VW. It took until mid-afternoon to realize for sure that it wasn’t a hallucination.

1967 Paris, France, the Left Bank. was living in Heidelberg, Germany, and on weekends I would either drive or take the train to Paris, as I was an avid film buff and loved the French New Wave which was in full swing. For fifteen francs ($3) I could catch a double feature of Resnais, Goddard, or Truffaut. I stayed in an inexpensive pension near the Sorbonne, which was walking distance to the hip Paris nightlife. Down the hall from my room on the third floor, I heard a very soulful and quite a good saxophone player who was practicing. So I went to see who was playing. When the door opened it was Archie Shepp an American black musician who would become quite famous in the years to come. Now he was a young ex-patriot trying to make a name for himself in the American loved French jazz scene. I introduced myself and told him about my jazz roots in NYC. I was always at the Five Spot, The Village Vanguard, The Half Note, or Birdland. We could talk jazz and I had also played the saxophone for six years. We blended New York, music, and Paris stories. His bandmates showed up shortly after and I hung with them. We drank some wine, ate some bread and cheese, and smoked a few bones. They were funny and interesting. We became friends as he was staying for six months as he had landed a solid gig in a nearby jazz club. I went to Paris every other weekend for months to hang with him… Archie got me into the clubs and after his sets were done,  the band and I hit the other late-night jazz spots. It was an international merging of a black American band with a white guy and French, German, and Scandinavian women. We partied into the early morning hours and always wound up at the Metropolitan Café for breakfast which included that huge cup of delicious French coffee with hot milk and croissants. The best of times.

Muhammad’s pipe shop in Marrakech. I was hitching around Spain for the summer and decided to go to Morocco with an ex café shop owner I knew from Greenwich Village who was now living in Torremolinos. Duke had had this café on Sullivan Street for years and now they were just sending him checks as he put a manager in charge of the Café. I was staying with him at his Villa.  He told me our mutual friend Muhammad had left New York to return to Marrakech to run his family’s pipe shop in the Medina of old Arabic Marrakech. This was not the modern French Marrakech, this was the kasbah side. At the last minute, Duke had surprise guests, and couldn’t leave, so I went by myself.

I flew to Casablanca. It was no longer the city of Humphrey Bogart. It was now drastically poor, dirty, and dangerous. I was warned by the information booth that the crime rate was high, especially among tourists. I could see for myself that this was no place to wander the street alone, especially at night.

I bought a ticket to Marrakech immediately, but it did not leave until midnight. I thought it was a train ticket as I bought it at the train station. But no, it turned out to be an old bus that left from the train station. But it had a great name The Marrakesh Express. I was the only non-Arab on the bus that would go thru the desert all night and arrive at 7 am.

It was two hours into the ride when the bus made a horrible sound and stopped. Everyone off the bus. The men broke out the Ganja pipes and had some tokes. This was high-quality hashish, and I went zooming. Back on the bus. An hour later we were outside again in the desert for round two. There was a young man next to me wearing a full djellaba. He spoke a bad college French, at about the same level as me. But I heard something in his accent and said to him in English, “where are you from in the City?”  This guy had a New York accent. He laughed and said “Bronxville.” I said “ Greenwich Village.”

We started talking about how odd it was to find another New Yorker out in the middle of a Moroccan desert at three in the morning, stoned out of our minds. Turns out Dave is in the Peace Corps and has a compound in Medina. He said they have plenty of room and invited me to stay with them. How lucky was that?

I now had a base in Marrakesh and after some sleep, we headed off to find Muhammed. His pipe store was right in the middle of the town square where all the action was. Animals, dancing dervishes, and every type of trinket was on sale. Fruits, vegetables, clothing, and multiple tea shops were everywhere. We found Muhammad and he was thrilled to see me. He said the pipe store was the family business but he ran a disco downstairs that opened at night. He told us to come back around 10:30.

The disco turned out to be an old-time Wurlitzer jukebox. The place was packed. After two or three trips to meet ganja I was in another zone. Dave told me directions to get back to the compound and he left. I stayed to catch up with Muhammad. Around two am I left. Was it a right followed by two lefts? No, it was two rights followed by a left. Anyway, I got totally lost. Very unlike me as I have a fine-tuned built-in gyro. But a short sleep night followed by ganja does not improve memory. After two hours of wandering, I was happy to see the street leading back to the square. I was so glad that I did not run into a pack of youths as I was an easy target. I slept outside the rug store. I awoke to the clamor of the early morning market. Muhammad showed up and gave me written directions. I decided to look more local so I bought a white, Black and Tan djellaba with a hood. I was still wearing my boots when I saw them. There was this huge billboard advertising a French Clint Eastwood knockoff movie called “Monsieur le Jango.” The character was a tall long-haired American guy with a strong jaw, wearing a black-white, and tan Djellaba and boots. The resemblance was striking. I laughed to myself and started back. It didn’t take long. A few giggling kids started to follow me. Seemed like each block there was more of them. Finally, one kid called out “Monsieur le Jango” and I turned to them. They took it as an invitation and came running. One kid had a pad, another had a pencil. I thought these kids never get to see a real movie star and I do look like him. What the hell. I started signing “Monsieur le Jango”.

As I looked up Dave was standing there looking at me and shaking his head. He had come to find what had happened to me. He said,” You are unbelievable, you are here in Marrakesh barely over 24 hours and you are already signing autographs.”

December 19, 2020
Tell the truth or bend it?
In my house growing up, the truth was king. My mother had a major thing about lying. She hated it. She said that the truth, in the long run, was always the best choice. Being a German, there were no exceptions. The rule was the rule.  Right is right, wrong is wrong. She would test all of us periodically. To the question “do I look fat in this dress? there was only one answer. Coincidentally it had to match whether she thought she did or not. If she thought it made her look fat and you said she didn’t, you were in for a lecture. Why would you lie to me and make me look fat in public? “Bad enough I look fat here.” The issue of her obsession with weight is for another time.

My father had to pass the test also. If he was a half-hour late coming home, he got quizzed on his whereabouts. If he said he stopped for a drink, he then had to submit to her nose alcohol detector. Her nose and radar knew the difference between one and two drinks. If he had three she would give him the“You are becoming an alcoholic” look.

So time after time I learned that telling the truth was better than having to deal with her inquisition and subsequent punishments. She sniffed out every half-truth, which was my sister’s specialty until it all came out. Ugliness and all. She was proud that she was raising honest kids. So my adolescence was rough, with being a teenager, you don’t tell your parents everything you are doing or thinking. I developed a lot of guilt. When absolutely caught hiding my secrets I WOULD confess to her, “I feel guilty for not telling you.” Her response,” Good you’re Jewish you should feel guilt.” Took a long time to really understand that one.

Everything was rolling along until I had my first girlfriend. When she asked do I like her dress,? I told her what I thought. She ran from the room and told her mother I was mean. I stood up for myself and told them I was only telling the truth.
Now I got a lecture from them about truth and tact. What’s tact? I asked.
Oh boy did that conversation make my head spin. What they said made sense. 
Why hurt someone’s feelings when there is a way not to. It’s not a bald-faced lie, its softer, something called a fib. Hmmm, it is out of kindness where you sense someone wants a positive response to their question. Ok tact. I went home and asked my mother what she thought about this word tact. She said it wasn’t her “Strong suit”. She said people learned not to ask her if they didn’t want to hear the truth.

Now I had a real dilemma, both seemed right to me. Truth is the truth and using tact is a good thing. So do I bend it a bit or not? I worked for fifty years as a therapist where truth is also a top-shelf item. But I learned about timing and sometimes tact in the early stages of treatment works better as learning to hear the truth for some people takes a lot more time than others. So do you bend it?

My answer is sometimes, but you have to learn when.

December 17, 2020
Why I listened and Why I didn’t
Like everyone else, I think I had my reasons. I knew as a kid I was supposed to or maybe had to, listen to parents, teachers, cops, and older adults for example. It wasn’t much of a problem, I didn’t know much and they knew more. So I learned to respect those in positions of authority, especially outside of my family. I learned the basics, red meant STOP and don’t cross, green meant GO. I think that’s where it began, at the light by Oak Street.

Oak Street was one-way and three lanes wide, with cars parked on both sides leaving the middle lane open for traffic. Not a big street by any standard. But it had a traffic light. Most times of the day there was a car every so often. So I would wait at the corner for the light to change to green. Never even considered why I should wait for the green.

But then I thought I could see no cars were coming and I could easily saunter across Oak Street against the red light. Hmm, but I knew it was wrong to do so. But I said to myself it’s silly to stand here, wasting time. I even thought the light itself was unnecessary. So I defied my teachings and crossed against the light.

Once I did get scared, maybe someone was looking out their window and would report me? No one did, and I soon starting crossing without hesitation. My thoughts about “them” knowing more than me now had a crack in the surface. I asked myself shouldn’t that be a yellow or blinking light?

That would signal caution to both pedestrians and drivers. Made sense to me. Adults know how to cross streets and at a certain age, every kid learns how to cross safely. Lights are unnecessary. So maybe the light is only for kids. But kids are usually with their parents. So now it’s not all kids, just kids old enough to be outside on their own without a parent.

My next thought was that they should take down the light and put up a sign telling drivers to look out for kids. I would even compromise on a steady blinking yellow light. I approached my parents with the idea. Mother said flatly “no it’s against the law.” My father thought long and hard and said I should send my idea to the mayor and the town council.

My father helped me write a letter. I stated my reasons that the light was there in actuality for only kids of a certain age, and crossing the street during the day without a red light made more sense.

It took a few weeks for the mayor to answer. He informed me that the light was for drivers and pedestrians and is a policy followed by every community to protect everyone from an accident. He never considered my yellow blinking light. I was mad. Who thought up this unnecessary red light idea anyway?

I started to see unnecessary lights everywhere. Then it started to expand to other things I saw that were rules that made no sense. Why can’t we play ball in the schoolyard? Why can’t we rollerskate in the playground? It’s a playground. No standing on the swing. Why not? you can go higher if you stand and hold on to the chain.

I started to see unnecessary lights everywhere. Then it started to expand to other things I saw that were rules that made no sense. Why can’t we play ball in the schoolyard? Why can’t we rollerskate in the playground? It’s a playground. No standing on the swing. Why not? you can go higher if you stand and hold on to the chain.

I started to believe that adults didn’t know it all. I wanted to know why they made up the rule. Most of the time the answer was they didn’t make up the rule but they were following it. Not a great answer. Well, what if the rule or the law is wrong?

As I was older my anger was growing. I saw signs that read “Whites only bathroom.” Or “colored not permitted.” I saw signs that were just wrong, and I still see them. I hear people in government saying things and enacting laws that are just wrong. Maybe you should join me and add your voice to change things where it makes sense to do so. Especially now that we are the adults.     

December 9, 2020
An Audio Blog just for YOU

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November 17, 2020
Loves lost
Loves lost and ones never pursued are suddenly, uncomfortably, crowding my thoughts from memories long, long ago. Why? I ask myself. Why now? Why not when I had the chance to do something about it?
I have, however, lived an extraordinarily full, and completely satisfying love life. So I told myself all these years. With validation from friends and those who know me, I have had more experiences with the opposite sex, than most other men. I lived as a young adult in the wild sixties in Greenwich Village. I only married a few months before turning forty.  So I had an exceptionally long run of being single. But then why the ruefully obsessive lamenting of those who could have been? People I met and lost. For one reason or another, I moved on, thinking time was vast and unending and I could go back if I ever thought I wanted to do so.

I believe my mindset now is about mortality. Age brings wisdom and pain.  Insights and knowledge arrive later than we would like. My mother had a sign hanging in my childhood kitchen written in mock German, “Ve get too soon alt, und too late schmart.” So true.

I know the clock is ticking as I approach my eightieth year in a few months, and now I can no longer go back and fix my youthful mistakes. I am haunted by the memories of absolutely wonderful women whom I had encountered and never followed up with. Was it because there were so many available women of equal stature that I thought there was no need to select one, as there would be more in my future? Was it the pursuit of a fantasy that stopped the reality of what was there right in front of me? I wrote about a woman I met in Spain when I was twenty-nine, who was so captivating that we spent two weeks together traveling through Andalusia, foraging through all the museums and galleries and architectural sites in Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Marbella, and Torremolinos. She was a Belgian art history grad student from Brussels. I lived in New York. We fell in love like every romantic novel you ever read. We never met again. Had there been cell phones then, my life would have been very different. We would have texted and kept in touch. My mother said I never talked about another woman like I talked about her. She encouraged me to go to Belgium and find her. I said my life was in New York and if I went to see her, my life would change in ways that would be totally disruptive to one or both of us. I never went. She now appears in my thoughts and I keep asking why now? It feels like the last chapter when you look over the whole book and start editing. Put this in, take that out.

A book is one thing, life is another. It’s not that I am unhappy now as I have found my partner ten years ago and we are fine together. These loves lost thoughts are about youthful fancy. There was a woman in Amsterdam that I met and the attraction was so strong that after one hour she stopped talking to me and said “you are just passing through and I am here, and anymore talking to you won’t be good for me.” Jeezus its fifty-four years later and I still see her face. 

I don’t know anyone who has relished life as much as I have. At age four I had my first insight into self-awareness. I said “ wow I am four already” It seemed like the next day when I had my next one, but I was now seven. I experienced my first panic attack. I told myself,” If I don’t pay attention to this, my life will be over before I even was aware of living it. I became super aware on that day. My error was in my twenties I thought it would go on forever. Now with retirement and a pandemic, I have lots of time to ruminate and go over inch by inch my well-documented post age seven life. By high school, I was documenting every day. So why the questioning? I’ll just put it to human nature and my life long quest to understand the known and the unknown.

November 9, 2020
There is a lot going on, seemingly everywhere at once. The returning virus is draining and sad. Politics has divided us. Trump hurt the country with all his attacks on the democratic process.
Presidents swear an oath to uphold the evident truths.
Elections are sacred and the President represents its integrity. Social justice was his responsibility. And Now we are loudly divided by such insane issues as mask-wearing. It should have no political value, its a health issue for everyone       

Now as we move past the Trump era the excitement is starting to build. We are all still in shock that it’s really over and we really elected Biden Huuuuge turnout should be like that every election. But the reality is that there are a lot of people who believe in Trump. These people are like Trump because he has flaws like them, and they forgive him for his bad behavior. He gave the right to life, guns, racial boundaries, and distrust of government and three Judges. They respect he made money. If they only knew.

Much of Trump’s inattention to the planet and the virus have hurt us and Biden will get us back on track. Saying goodbye to William Barr is heavenly, along with Betsy DV and looney  Ben Carson. Mostly in the aftermath, we will feel calmer.  The daily insanity will end. Other voices of government will be heard, as we get responsible qualified people back in top positions.

The diplomatic life will return. We have so much repair to do. The most asked question will be “where were you?” At least competency returns to the government and we will need it to move on with solar and wind. Jobs in infrastructure are potentially lifesaving for many as we rebuild.

My hope is that it’s the “betterment of us all” that returns to congress. Quieter and task-oriented. We have to have a political truce so we can have an operational government. Joe is known to reach across the aisle. This is needed now.

I had my say about my beliefs about Trump, and I really am done there, we have the aftermath to deal with. Once all the challenges are settled and democracy wins. We move on, just a few months left.

October 27, 2020
It’s Pavlovian out there.
Really it’s true. Pavlov would love it. You know, push the lever to get the pellet.
You want your reward you will push the lever. But now I put a little shock on the lever, randomly it gives a nonpainful buzz. Hmmm. Some days chickens, some days feathers. Aren’t you a little uncomfortable now about pushing that lever?
Well folks it is scary to believe that it’s really over and the Trump ship is about to sail into the storm. We have pushed the levers and in a short period of time, we will see he really did take a beating. But I understand your fear, you pushed the lever in 2016 and that disappointment is still fresh.
So what’s your attitude? Can you start to feel the shift away from Trump? He’s been exposed, mostly by himself, and is not well thought of by damn near everybody who has been anywhere near him. Just a Front. A cutout. So it’s scary to think 2020 is very different.
Hillary had a big downside and wasn’t really liked. Biden is relatable and popular. The size of the vote is a big sign because Trump never increased his base, a matter of fact he’s losing them. Soon to be irrelevant anyway as the Biden win will be bigger than hoped for. All those extra votes are mostly Biden, who outraised Trump by far. The billionaires didn’t take the bait this time. The ties will be cut soon after the vote when they see the damage he did to the Republican Party.

Think I am too optimistic? I know it’s safer to hold it together, not jinx it, to the superstitious people I say, If you think putting on your left shoe before your right is going to make a difference in this cosmic world then I guess you better hold tight. But when it comes, and it will be soon, it will be fresh air and a much saner world will let us sleep at night. It’s scary to feel good, always looking for the cloud on a sunny day, just to be safe.
What now if I took off the shock from the lever? You could press away once again without any fear. That’s what winning feels like. Good for all of us. I love some of the voter comments. They asked one guy waiting most of the day to vote, how long have you been waiting to vote? Four years! He said, laughing.

October 19, 2020
Another piece of America is gone|
I have been listening lately to a lot of Waylon Jennings songs, and Willie and Johnny Cash are on a lot of them. These old country singers talk about a lot of southern cities and life on the road. From one honky-tonk saloon to another. They lament about the women they lost and the opportunities they missed. It’s a mix of country and cowboy and it has a sad undertone. The America they talk about certainly had its inequalities and its deep-seated divides, both social and racial. But the soulfulness of the music seems to have touched a chord in these men and now I find, myself as well. Never a country fan as a youth as I was jazz, folk, soul, and rock and roll. But my soul roots have found a commonality with what I feel is a combination of country soul and guitar blues. The music resonates with me now as I see myself in these roadhouse freewheeling mixes of music and dancing and me with a pool cue in my hand, playing for my next meal.

Maybe it’s because I am old now and more nostalgic, and the ballads have a deeper meaning to me. They sing about their traveling days, carefree and loose. There were always the women and the late night early morning escapades that were wrapped in music and good times. It makes me think of when I was out on the road hitching from one town to another and I saw firsthand the country music bars with pool tables and dartboards. Seems like every town and city had a section where these songs came to life. Much of the music is Texas, and Austin where country swing and Bob Wills ruled, with Willie not far away. Nashville and Memphis each added their brand.
The America they talk about was when life was simpler and steady. Things didn’t change quickly and traditions seemed to go on without interruption. Thanksgiving was pretty much the same each year even though people grew up, left, and still came back.
As I listen now, I too think about opportunities and people lost to youthful fancy. The old idea that everything would go on forever and there was no timeline that ever ended was strong. But these singers talked about endings a lot. They seemed to see around the curve when the new day began, with its remorse and insights.
The America of freedom on the road is only a whisper of its former self. Take Route 66 for example. When I hitched it from Chicago to Albuquerque, there were roadside small eats places in every town. Most had a general store and one main street. What the cities and towns had in common was there always was a bar that had live music. It was timeless America. Only to be replaced by soulless interstates with off-ramps to chain restaurants. That way you can never feel where you are. Homogenized and uniform, devoid of individuality. Soulless.
No more conversations with locals while sitting on the bench on the porch of the country store. No more slow walks through a small town searching for the antique store. No more sticking out your thumb without fear trying to get the next ride. No more late talks with women about how it was that we came to find one another.

Waylon sings about all of these thoughts and it makes me miss an America that probably never was, but it just felt that way.

October 16, 2020
America to finally rid itself of Trump. Phew, it’s been a hell of a nightmare with him. People finally see how horrible he is in so many ways. For me he always was just a front, acting as a smart tough guy, well he’s more bone spurs than a street fighter. And smart? He’s smart enough to know he should pay someone to take his entrance exams. He has no soul. Very Empty. I call him “hollow man” Lost. Nothing inside. No humanity whatsoever. Impossible for him to think of others first.

Well, Court’s waiting, when he arrives the “loser” tag finally gets affixed, forever. Can you hear the crowds “Looooser”? It will get to him. 100%. We will be watching the walls of Jericho, and Humpty Dumpty at the same time. Tune in next year when the fun begins. New cable shows,
Comedy style, about Trump doing Archie Bunker, as cartoons. The set will have a Loser banner. Somebody doing Ivanka. I liked her until she started lying, like her father. I thought she had her own mind about her father. Wrong!

“America bought the packaged deal four years ago, they are now correcting for their error. He turned out not to be the Independent sharp businessman who was to clean out the corruption. Well, instead he turned out to be Russian bought and has danced for Putin ever since. Can you hear Putin talking to his friends? Add a deep Russian accent. “He’s a toy. Like to make him dance. I am not tired of him yet. He still owes more.”
Look at Putin’s plan for Trump in 2016, as payback for helping him with the election.

1. Weaken NATO
2. Attack friends, mainly Canada, Mexico, and Germany
3. Meet with Putin and Kim Jong Un
4. Pull out of accords with Iran and Paris
5. Create trade wars with China.
6. Stay away from Crimea.
7. Sow mistrust of government and create civil unrest. Pit groups against one another.
8. Publicly support Putin.
9. And God knows what else we haven’t found out yet with the specifics of what Putin has on him.
Well, there is the Oligarch money, and then the hotel tapes and recordings they have of him.
Remember he met them without American Intelligence in the room.
Trump hit everyone on Putin’s list “Good we can use him as long as we want.”
Turns out he’s a corrupt image of self-love, with makeup, and a suit. He has his shields on. The man lives without a moral guidepost. Talks to himself out loud in his Twitter account. Instead of cleaning the swamp, he has brought his own. He doesn’t even read, he listens to Fox and not the FBI or NSC.
But finally. people are fed up with him and have Trump fatigue. It sucks the air out of your room. Exposed and beaten soundly, he will finally be off the front page. Except, of course, the Trump News and Entertainment Network, with Russ and Sean. Ivanka selling her line of clothes and accessories.
We as a country need to find ourselves again. Air and Water restored. Competent people back in charge. The experiment is over. You were sold. Now let’s get back our country. The vast majority that rejected Trump have to find our common goals. We need to catch up socially with the rest of the world. No more America first bullshit. A partnership is what we need.
All good after the virus goes in 2021. Something to look forward to.

September 30, 2020
Reading the international reaction from Der Spiegel, a highly respected German newspaper, to last night’s debacle is summed up best by this quote from Jeremy Shapiro, a former foreign diplomat and current Director of The European Council on Foreign Relations.
Both allies and rivals “see Trump and the political culture that created him heralding the decline of American democracy and the racist American culture,” Mr. Shapiro said. That judgment, he added, is “only heightened by the coronavirus response, not just American absence in global leadership but the striking incompetence in dealing with it at home.”
If you were not shocked and outraged, saddened, and frightened by Trump’s behavior last night, know that you are in the minority and the damage he is doing to the country is being witnessed worldwide. It is far beyond Republican and Democratic political positions. The only ones who benefited from last night’s embarrassing horror show were Russia and China, who both commented on the chaos in American democracy.
Maybe people who elected Trump believed he was the apolitical outsider who would clean up Washington. Now you see and know who he is. We cannot make the same mistake again. It is our last chance to save democracy, free speech, individual rights, and the scariest of all, our right to a free and fair election to elect our leaders.
The lack of respect for our institution of governing was alarming. Trump was seen as more of an autocratic dictator by some or a mob boss who answers to no one by others. It was shameful and should not be tolerated by any person who loves our democracy.

September 18, 2020
Happy New Year to all who celebrate today. Looking forward to this year for the first time in four. Say an extra prayer.


September 12, 2020
New daily chant is sung Every day, Everywhere:

Hey Donald ….You lie, we die.

August 24, 2020
The Republican Party agreed to have no platform for 2020 other than to support anything their cult leader wants. The Party sounds and acts more like Putin’s Party every day. Trumpers are not Republicans, that Party ceased to be in 2016. Now they are Lemmings. The sea is next.

August 25, 2020
Jacob Blake is the latest cop violence against an unarmed Black man. Blake broke up a fight between two women and was trying to go back in his car where his 3 sons were seated. Cops shot him in the back SEVEN TIMES. All they had to do was tackle him. Stun gun him. He obviously didn’t heed their call to stop. His bad. But now the story will be about the broken windows and not what caused the rage. The media should say rightfully enraged citizens and not protesters. Mob violence is understandable but wrong. Focus on the police problem and not let the media focus on the undisciplined street reactions. During Vietnam, we just overwhelmed the streets with peaceful demonstrators. I understand BLM and support it but we need to keep the story about police violence. Otherwise, they just keep adding more riot police and make it us vs them. The police are supposed to be civil servants, not military units.

August 9, 2020
Kudos for Letitia James
A big “You go Girl” for NY State Attorney General Letitia James
for going after the NRA and their self serving CEO Wayne LaPierre. She filed suit in New York charging La Pierre for illegally siphoning off millions of dollars from funds of the registered non-profit organization and using it to shower gifts on associates, and using the money for lavish private jet vacations and upping his and other members salaries by 300%.

James wants to dissolve the organization, as the misuse of funds violates their non-profit registration. Monies were to be spent on various charities. The NRA has long supported gun manufacturers and resisted any attempt to pass gun control legislation.
They gave 30 million dollars to the campaign of Donald Trump, who uses the same tactics with his NY based foundation. James sued Trump for misuse of funds after he illegally siphoned funds from his Trump Foundation and put it into his political campaign. She was successful in prohibiting Trump from any further use of the foundation and barred him from sitting on the board of any Charitable foundation registered in NY State. Trump and La Pierre have teamed up to block assault rifles from being barred for sale to civilians.

The NRA has been under the watchful eye of the Attorney General’s Office for three years as they have filed financial records showing “loss.” They were once the most powerful lobby in Washington but have become in disfavor since the mass shootings at schools and other public venues. It is a hopeful sign when corrupt leaders who prey on the public’s trust are finally brought to justice. The bell-weather second Amendment has been misused by the NRA for years. They falsely claim “they are coming for your guns” when in reality the changes are aimed at manufacturers of military-style weapons for use by civilians. I have no sympathy for people who harm the general public and La Pierre with his cheating and illegal activity mirrors the actions of the current President who falsely claims the second amendment gives them the right to purchase weapons aimed for military war for civilian use.

          Its time the corrupt NRA got what’s coming to them just as 45 will get his; and be booted from office.

August 7, 2020
Trumps Pinocchio Covid 19
It is as close to being criminal as you can get, and we sit back and listen to POTUS  lie about the facts of COVID 19 in the USA every day. Every day he says how great he is doing with COVID and that we are the envy of the world. Just not true. Facts this week showed seven American states have more COVID19 cases each, than all of Europe combined.

How can the Republican Party stand by this man when it is their children and families who are getting sick? Have we become so complacent that we just shrug when he continues to distort, misrepresent and outright lie about provable facts? More than 160,000 deaths and he never mentions it. There were 4 deaths in Bengazi and the Republicans launched all kinds of investigations and talked about it for two years. Where are they now? There will be an estimated doubling of the current death rate by 2021.

So if we cannot even get the facts straight how are we to tell our children to not listen to POTUS because he is a liar? The answer is, we have to. The news reporters are finally calling him out and even at his Bedminster Resort, he had to walk away from the mike when he was confronted about taking credit for passing the Veteran’s Choice Act when it was President Obama in 2014 who signed the bill. Encourage your children to fact check and to not believe anything this man says.

This country needs a change in leadership desperately. Vote Pinocchio out in November.

August 1, 2020
Have you noticed a change?
I have. In myself. I am getting angrier. I have reached my limit with the President and his lies, bullshit, and incompetence. I have had to put up with it for three and a half years and watching Obama, Bush and Clinton speak at the eulogy for John Lewis made me realize how far down we have fallen.
Listening to former Presidents showed what dignity and humanity can be all about. It was fitting that the racist Trump wasn’t there. But he is still the President and we are being deprived of leadership every day. I, for the life of me, cannot believe that the ‘Trumpers’ can still find him ok. After all the lies, corruption, political failures with healthcare. infrastructure, and documented abuse.

Total failures, they still repeat his Foxed wrapped blather. I don’t want to hear any
more crazy right-wing conspiracy theories. I don’t want Breitbart quotes. I don’t want to hear the racist Steven Miller’s words coming out of Trump’s mouth.
I cannot take him hawking crap COVID19 remedies as they represent carnival barker
Elixir shams. I cannot stand the idiocy anymore. Maybe all this is because I truly believe the Trump presidency will end on Nov 3rd. This is not 2016 where he upset the polls. There was a secret hidden voter then. Not this time. They have all been counted now and the rest of us know what a total fraud he is.

One thing is better, I am sleeping better. No more nightmare dreams. The world
has awoken to no longer tolerating racism and his racist followers. We know MAGA really means America White again. Well not for me, I can’t wait for us to recapture
our country again. Latinos blacks Asians and anyone qualified will now represent us.
No more corrupt white men making money for themselves. And one more thing, The
Republican Party has to pay the price for their silence in permitting this tyrant to run all over the rules of the government. They all have to go. And to the Trump followers, UP Yours.

I have a few questions
Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2016? Did you think he was going to be the outsider businessman who would make Washington work better? Did you think his nonpolitical background was an asset? Did you have hope that he would really hire the best people? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I want to ask you now, that you have seen him as President, would you still vote for him? Most people who fit the category were people who did not know Trump, they knew only the tv celebrity who built things and you got fired if you couldn’t do the job. Appealing mantra. So how has he done since elected? Now that you have been exposed to his character and seen how he deals with people, do you feel betrayed? Have you been sold an empty bag? As the world has gotten to know him his popularity has steadily declined.
He promised comprehensive healthcare that would be cheaper and better.
He failed miserably on that one. He did try to gut Obamacare but people liked it and wanted to keep it.
He promised INFRASTRUCTURE, “BIG MASSIVE help”. The only structure he built was a four-mile wall that stops no one. Big sham. No bridges tunnels and Mass transit improvements anywhere.
The tax bill. First-year he passed a tax bill that everyone knows now benefited the rich and corporations. Middle America got slammed.
New business deal with China. Where is it? He did the opposite, he put in three-stage embargoes.
International relations. He attacked our allies. Germany, NATO, Mexico and Canada, while making nice to Jong-UN, Putin and Erdogan. He backed down from any discussion with Russia. His dealing with them got the Republican Senate leader a nickname, “Moscow Mitch”.
The environment. He has been the worst on record in this area. The first appointee to the EPA was an oilman. He has put a totally unqualified person in every Department, because of only one qualification. They sent money to his campaign or promised to uphold what became a white supremacy presidency.
He got out of Paris environmental regulations. He downgraded the sub-agencies of the EPA and defunded pandemic research which has caused many more lives with COVID 19. He has permitted coal companies to once again pollute the streams. He has drilled on protected land. It is hard to see one thing he has done to benefit the planet, which is where he called global warming “ a hoax”. He said using solar and windmills was folly and windmills give you cancer. Some of his statements are beyond plausible.
How about integrity and trust? We all know he cannot stop lying, and its at the disease level.
Indictments. Well, we know the Republicans tried to collude with the Russians to fix the 2016 election. He has fought tooth and nail to hide his taxes, which we all know will contain sophisticated money laundering and shady loans. He cabinet from Flynn to Manaford to his personal lawyer and fixer have all been convicted as felons.
Ethics. Do you believe he has made America great again? We all know that really means make America white again as his prejudice against Blacks and Latinos is there to see every day. The most despicable display was how he talked about Puerto Rico after the disaster there. Then there were the deplorable putting Mexican children in cages. Horrible inhuman overt prejudice.
Intellectual ability to understand the job of President? We have seen and been told by people who work for him that he does not read, has a small attention span and really just watches Fox News and listens to far-right conspiracy theorists whose blather has been totally debunked. His battle with the Intelligence community is well known. He doesn’t trust information that proves his right-wing ideas are false. His COVID response is denial and hawking insane treatments that don’t work. Remember drink bleach?
Sum it up by his performance and you have to feel betrayed and used as a prop in Trump’s using the Presidency for personal gain. He is the quintessential circus barker, the guy on the wagon hawking a cure-all elixir. Come one come all. If you can still vote for him that reason boils down to one factor. You want white America. Well, your day has come and gone because that is no longer who we are. We are a nation of multiethnic people who want peace and prosperity and unity. This presidency has been our darkest hour as the world laughs at the bumbling self-serving Trump. You were told he was going to make us great. He has done the opposite. If you realize you made a mistake four years ago, well help us get our country back by putting intelligent honest public servants back in the office. What we got with Trump was corrupt self servers, who used the Republican Party, which is now splitting up. Well, they will get their well-deserved trouncing this November. Be part of the solution.


One Hundred Days to decide our future
I cannot remember a time in our history in America when the Presidential election was this important. If you believe the polls Biden has a substantial lead, but memories of 2016 linger when Clinton won the popular vote but Trump became the President, (he is yet to act like one). In Trump’s four years we have experienced the chaos and destruction of the pillars of our government, legislation blocked by one man who heads the Republican Party in the Senate. We have seen the hands of Justice shackled by the political appointee Barr, who acts like the hatchet man of the President. The checks and balances have been disabled as Trump uses his office to lie, obstruct and act as if it his right to do whatever he wants without oversight, more like a mob boss than an elected official. We have never seen the abuse of power demonstrated at this level. He will not appoint Directors of agencies as they would have to be vetted, so all his appointees are “acting”. The corruption is right out in the open as he appoints oil men to the EPA because they gave $ to his campaign.
We will eventually find out what Putin has on him but what we see from Trump is praise for dictatorial leaders, Putin, Jong Un, Erdogan, and criticism of allies, Germany, Canada, Mexico, NATO. You have to ask whose side is he on?
Most people are concerned about his lack of leadership with the two biggest issues facing us today, the pandemic and the worsening climate change. Trump has failed miserably on both accounts and most likely will lose him the election. Fears abound about the vote tally process and ballots going missing. The choice is obvious, Biden is a well respected long time government server and Trump is a corrupt failed businessman who has had numerous bankruptcies. He also hides his taxes, and do you wonder why? NY state will be able to tell you why soon as the Supreme Court finally ruled against Trump. This election is for the survival of democracy as we see Trump trying to make it an autocracy. Voters have to see past the daily lies and misinformation which has been the center pole of the Trump Administration. His America First isolation propaganda spiel. Its a cover for his anti-immigrant racism. Its Trump first as he plays golf on his private courses at the government’s expense. All those close to him who have written books describe the chaos surrounding him., and his low intellectual ability and rash vengeance., and minimal attention span. Do you want a President who just found out Ireland is not part of England? It is all there to see now and the polls show it. We need to take our country back from this deceiving tyrant. We have one hundred days to make sure he cannot steal another election. There will be nothing left of us after four more years of Trump. The thought makes people shudder.


Here’s Donald’s day so far. A judge freed Michael Cohen and said his returning to jail was, “retaliative and not legal.” Cohen now free to write his book. Should be a fun read from the “fixer” Next. Trump has to cancel the Fla convention due to coronavirus. Guess it didn’t just go away as he said. COVID cases now top 4 million. Next. Republican senators fight themselves about the proposed stimulus, as some senators fear for their own election as Trump’s poll numbers reach new lows in Fla., Pa., and Texas and they try to find some way to distance from the fading party leader. Bolton and Mary Trump’s books in the top five NY Times bestsellers list. Trump advocates for opening schools in Fla. but not the one his son goes to. Perfect do as I say not as I do. Add it all up, he’ll probably invade Chicago this weekend. Or maybe some country he can’t pronounce.

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One Hundred Days to decide our future

I cannot remember a time in our history in America when the Presidential election was this important. If you believe the polls Biden has a substantial lead, but memories of 2016 linger when Clinton won the popular vote but Trump became the President, (he is yet to act like one). In Trump’s four years we have experienced the chaos and destruction of the pillars of our government, legislation blocked by one man who heads the Republican Party in the Senate. We have seen the hands of Justice shackled by the political appointee Barr, who acts like the hatchet man of the President. The checks and balances have been disabled as Trump uses his office to lie, obstruct and act as if it his right to do whatever he wants without oversight, more like a mob boss than an elected official. We have never seen the abuse of power demonstrated at this level. He will not appoint Directors of agencies as they would have to be vetted, so all his appointees are “acting”. The corruption is right out in the open as he appoints oil men to the EPA because they gave $ to his campaign.
We will eventually find out what Putin has on him but what we see from Trump is praise for dictatorial leaders, Putin, Jong Un, Erdogan, and criticism of allies, Germany, Canada, Mexico, NATO. You have to ask whose side is he on?
Most people are concerned about his lack of leadership with the two biggest issues facing us today, the pandemic and the worsening climate change. Trump has failed miserably on both accounts and most likely will lose him the election. Fears abound about the vote tally process and ballots going missing. The choice is obvious, Biden is a well respected long time government server and Trump is a corrupt failed businessman who has had numerous bankruptcies. He also hides his taxes, and do you wonder why? NY state will be able to tell you why soon as the Supreme Court finally ruled against Trump. This election is for the survival of democracy as we see Trump trying to make it an autocracy. Voters have to see past the daily lies and misinformation which has been the center pole of the Trump Administration. His America First isolation propaganda spiel. Its a cover for his anti-immigrant racism. Its Trump first as he plays golf on his private courses at the government’s expense. All those close to him who have written books describe the chaos surrounding him., and his low intellectual ability and rash vengeance., and minimal attention span. Do you want a President who just found out Ireland is not part of England? Its all there to see now and the polls show it. We need to take our country back from this deceiving tyrant. We have one hundred days to make sure he cannot steal another election. There will be nothing left of us after FOUR more years of Trump. The thought makes people shudder.